Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Traveling by foot is a common mode of transportation in Florida. Not only does the beautiful local weather encourage it, but walking is a much healthier option that many have adopted in recent years. Unfortunately, this exposes pedestrians to potentially being struck by vehicles, resulting in serious injuries and sometimes death. Our firm has compiled a short list of the common causes of these collisions, along with tips on how to prevent them from occurring.

1. Beware of Unmarked Crosswalks

A large number of pedestrian accidents occur at intersections, especially when there are no marked crosswalks. Because of this, drivers do not expect anyone to be crossing and are more likely to proceed without stopping to look. To combat this, it is advised that you only cross where there is a clearly established crosswalk, and to look in all directions before stepping into the street.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not Your Electronics

While texting and driving is almost universally banned across the nation, this restriction is equally important for pedestrians. According to a study conducted by the NYU Langone Medical Center, nearly eight percent of accidents occurred while the victim was using an electronic device. This includes cell phones, music players, and tablets. Crossing the street while distracted takes your attention away from the road, limiting your awareness and restricting your ability to scan your surroundings. It is best to put away your electronics until you are in a safe area.

3. Wear Brighter Clothes at Night

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), nearly 70 percent of pedestrian accidents occur at night. Drivers have a tougher time spotting pedestrians who are wearing dark clothes once the sun goes down, as they blend into the environment. This is especially true in rural areas or places with poor or no street lights. Wearing brighter clothes or carrying a flashlight can help you stand out more clearly in the dark, allowing drivers to see you and safely pass.

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